In Which My Bathroom Becomes Dramatically Better

I am blessed with an amazing bathroom.  It is about the size of the bedroom from my previous apartment, and it has his and her sinks.  That’s right – my Manhattan bathroom has TWO SINKS!  Sometimes I brush my teeth in one and the wash my face in the other one because it just feel so luxurious!  What makes me particularly appreciate all this space is that the bathroom in my last apartment was the tiniest one I have ever seen.  It was literally like an airplane bathroom, so small that washing one’s hair was made difficult by the fact that the shower was so narrow it was hard to extend your elbows more than 6 inches from your body.

So I love my new bathroom, but when we moved in it was really boring-looking:

Before - blech

Before – blech

A while ago, a friend recommended that I start reading the Manhattan Nest blog, and I adore it.  Daniel’s style is so clean and impeccably beautiful, and his writing is so witty and fun.  When I was still living in my old apartment, I found this post of his about painting his bathroom and swooned and fantasized that it was exactly how I would paint my bathroom if ever given one big enough to paint.  Then I moved into my current apartment, and serendipitously, the tiles and fixtures were exactly the same color scheme as his!  So I ran out and bought the same paint, Benjamin Moore “Graphite” in matte, and got to work.  I might add that this was done in the face of protests from my husband, but I promised him it would look amazing and now he agrees:



I love it love it love it, and now my shower in the morning feels so much more dramatic.

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