Living the Dream

In movies set in New York City, the characters – even the ones who are supposed to be poor – usually live in fabulously spacious apartments with charming details like exposed brick and 12-foot ceilings. Exhibit A: in the Lindsay Lohan movie “Just My Luck,” which came out in 2006 and which I embarrassingly paid money to see in the theater with my roommate at the time, the Lohan character is supposed to be a 24-year-old employee at some kind of PR agency and she lives in this stunner of an apartment:

Ha, please! Let me just say that this is not feasible. In my seven years in Manhattan, I have lived in five apartments, the worst of which was a teensy, kitchenless, cockroach-and-mouse-infested studio on the Upper West Side that I got to pay $1500 a month for the privilege of inhabiting. Subsequently, I lived in the fabulous and incredible neighborhood of Greenwich Village in an apartment with a big private patio – but the apartment itself was so tiny that when a friend came over and asked me how much I paid in rent, she literally burst into laughter. So while I’ve lived in some amazing neighborhoods, I’ve never been that excited about any of the actual apartments I’ve lived in in New York City – until now.

On out most recent apartment search, my husband and I decided we would open our minds and consider leaving our beloved Village in the name of no longer living in a shoebox. We got married over a year ago and all our wedding gifts are still languishing in my parents’ attic in Virginia. Anyway, the minute I walked into this loft in the Financial District, I knew it was The One. It was bright! Spacious! It had exposed brick, 14-foot ceilings, and a loft above the bedroom that I could use as an office (hubby wants to use the loft as a hookah den, but we haven’t resolved that negotiation yet)! It actually had a full-size fridge in the kitchen, as opposed to a mini-fridge! I knew my husband would love it too, so we signed a lease and moved in a week ago.

Now I get to live the dream of decorating this gem, and I cannot wait to get started. I have my work cut out for me; the place is looking pretty sparse for now.

Since I can’t contain my excitement about living in a real, adult apartment for the first time and embarking upon decorating it like an actual grown-up would, I will be documenting my efforts here. Stay tuned.